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What is a Daeos Starseed?

A Starseed: 

  • A new standard in collectable assets.
  • Belongs to a generative collection of 10000 unique
    1/1 Digital Artifacts
    on the BTC L1 Blockchain
  • Has its own DNA, ensuring no duplicates
  • Is generated by combining 5 trait Categories with a wide range of Variance and Rarity
    (Millions of possible combinations)
  • Configured with Developmental Utility Applicable to the Starseed Project and future Daeos Expansions
  1. Homeworlds: 124 
  2. Species: 66 
  3. Class: 58 
  4. Motive: 48 
  5. Deity: 46 

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HD variants available through our Discord

The Starseed collection is currently leaking pre-inscribed Starseeds on Magic Eden on a regular basis. 

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or keep your eyes on the market daily!  

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