Full Whitepaper for Daeos Starseed

A Strange and Random Occurrence

The Starseeds are spreading to the farthest reaches of the void.
Defining space, creating shape, cultivating life.
Ready to become; the Daeos Universe.

A Starseed, belongs to an indexed collection of 10000 Digital Artifacts.
Inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Ordinal Protocol.

Official Daeos Starseeds do not have the branding attached

A New Digital Asset

Ordinals dont belong to a smart contract.
Instead, these digital artifacts are inscribed into the code of the smallest denominations of Bitcoin; called Satoshis (SATS)
And there, the data will live forever.
Directly on the BTC L1 Blockchain

Once inscribed, Starseeds are immutable.
Meaning, your Starseed Ordinal can never be changed or tampered with by human hands.

Bringing in a new era of decentralization, security, transparency,
and the introduction of a new and exciting digital asset that everyone has been talking about.

The definition of Ordinal is literally:
The relation to a thing in its series.

Our project begins by building an Ordinal Index, that represents the core of a spawning Universe.

Official Daeos Starseeds do not have the branding attached

What is a Daeos Starseed?

The Starseeds make for an attractive generative project in their own right. 

With a vast and diverse trait system
Including a clean, and well-cared-for list of metadata.
Split between 5 very specific and mysterious categories:

  1. Homeworlds: 124
  2. Species: 66
  3. Class: 58
  4. Motive: 48
  5. Deity: 46

Not Just Another Generative Project

Seeds are meant to grow.
And distributing them is only the first step. 

These categories contain within them; the cosmology of a Universe yet to be created.

This will be accomplished through the creative input and direction of the Daeos Community.  Including expansions on the BTC Blockchain as well as other ecosystems,
better suited for utility purposes, scalability, and the cost of transactions.

All Daeos creations, expansions, and portrayals
will consider the original Daeos Starseed Ordinal collection
and its metadata.

Collectors have an opportunity to not only own a piece;
but to take an active role in the development of a project.

Designed to expand and develop over time
as an interactive creation, fueled creatively by a collective.
Join Us!

Official Daeos Starseeds do not have the branding attached


Total Supply: 10000

Marketing and Project Support Allotments: 500

Primary Sale Gains Dispersion:

  • 65% of proceeds will be used to further develop the Daeos Universe
  • 35% of proceeds will go to the Daeos Development Team

Full Whitepaper for Daeos Starseed