Short Instructions

For Experienced Inscribers Only

Step 1:  Purchase your Starseeds

  • Add the packages you would like to purchase to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • The only information we need from you is an email address
  • Checkout anonymously with your Bitcoin Wallet
    using the NOWPayments Checkout option.
  • Pay with BTC 
  • We will NOT accept partial payments,
    if you transfer funds from an exchange or another wallet, make sure you add the cost to transfer to your total.  
    In a case that this happens, we will reach out to you

Once full payment is received:

  • we will fulfill your order with link/s to your Starseed/s via email to the address provided during the purchase.  

Please allow up to 24 hours after payment has been received to have the order fulfilled.
Most orders are fulfilled within hours

Earned a Coupon? 
Simply enter it into the coupon field and apply it for a free cost checkout

Step 2:  Setup your Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet:
(If you already have an Ordinal Wallet and are familiar with the process,  Skip to Step 3)

XVerse Wallet Extension:

Or any other Ordinal Compatible Wallet

When Recieving Ordinals,
Make sure to use the Ordinal Wallet address and not your regular Bitcoin address!


Step 3:  Download your Starseeds

You will receive an email notifying you of the completion of your order
check your spam if you are not seeing the link

  • Visit your Order email
  • Open the link
  • Save the Starseed image to your local machine.  

It is recommended to not share your Starseed Image until you have inscribed it,
but we understand and want you to be able to share and be proud of your Starseed.

The most important piece of information to keep safe is the Order Number.
Without it, you cannot register to the official collection
Share it with no one!

Step 4:  Inscribe your Starseed Ordinals:

  • Visit
  • Choose single or bulk images
  • Add your Daeos Starseed image/s that you just downloaded
  • Follow the prompts to pay the inscription fee
  • Submit inscription
  • Wait Patiently

Helpful Resource from XVerse about inscribing with their wallet on gamma.
Inscribe in 5 easy steps

Step 5:  Register your Starseed Ordinals

  • A registration form is required for EACH Starseed
  • For batch submissions of 10 or more Starseeds
    download this sample CSV file:  Batch CSV  (right click and save as)
    fill it out and return it here:

Make sure to follow all steps and to fill out the Daeos Starseed Ordinal Registration Form with care and accuracy. 

The Developers of the Daeos Starseed project have no responsibility for the inscriptions or the registrations of your Starseed/s after it has been delivered to you.