Daeos. is a story-building NFT Project that is designed to follow the D20 Tabletop Gaming Format. To be written via participation, and governance of its community.


The goal is to create an entire mythos; through the active participation and efforts of the project’s holders, fans, and community.

Providing rich character development, and creative storytelling.
Fueled by earning opportunities through contribution,
available in a multitude of ways!


Our content is built using the metadata from the collection of scalable Character NFTs.

Daeos is designed to develop its content through a series of weekly and monthly contests and challenges.

Offering token-based rewards to the winners voted in by the holders and community. Tokens are used to either mint newly introduced characters, or to evolve currently owned characters

Our End Game is to have developed a storyline and character collection worthy of a franchise. And a valuable asset in its own right. We’ll pool a portion of earnings through the marketing of the Daeos content to go back to the holders. Rewarding the Characters featured in future productions. Such as:

  • Video Games/Apps
  • Motion Pictures/Filmed Series
  • Graphic Novels/Comic Books
  • Board Games/Card Games

Our Audience

We aim to build a space that is fun and interactive. Focused on content creation. A place to keep us occupied and entertained as we await the next bull run. While we all work as a group to create something truly epic together.

A huge demographic we saw missing from the web 3 space was a place for creative writers. This is a writer’s game. Couple talent with a love for futuristic/fantasy content and storyline, this is a place for you!

There is no limit to the need for creatives in this project.

So come all you nerds,
gamers, writers, artists, programmers, collectors
Welcome to the Daeos Project


Daeos characters are in the form of 1/1 NFTs built on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain.

Designed loosely on the D20-style character skeleton; to give as much detail and reference as possible.

These characters will be the basis of the Daeos Epic and are scalable through evolution.

Included in the metadata will be an official character sheet, referenced from a linked image that is stored on the Daeos website that will be updated frequently to reflect the current status of the character.

Daeos Utility Tokens

Daeos Utility Tokens are used as whitelist access to mint new characters or are used to evolve the eligible characters they currently own. These tokens will reside on the Polygon (MATIC) Network for the sake of cost-effective turn-in in exchange for mint or upgrade.

Daeos Utility Tokens can be earned through participation within the project or its community, or purchased on their own secondary marketplace. However, only tokens earned through participation will be in circulation

Tokens can be earned in a wide variety of ways:

  • Creative Writing
  • Main Story Line Contributions
  • Backstory Contributions
  • Character Development/Creation
  • Fan Art
  • Promotions
  • Engagement
  • And More

Our model makes for an interesting market and community.
Encouraging long-term holding and participation within the project to increase the value of the NFTs through evolution.
Keeping the integrity of a long-lasting collection.

Daeos will still carry the excitement of a flip/earning environment that can be found in the Daeos Utility Token marketplace. The tokens only find their way into circulation through active participation. Encouraging others to put their best work into their content submissions.

Giving the options of both pay-to-play, or grind-to-win.

Character Evolution

Evolution periods will become available in increments as the project reaches seasonal checkpoints. Through successful involvement and survival in the storyline.

Evolution Occurs when a holder turns in the NFT Character to be evolved along with the necessary tokens.

They will receive an updated NFT in return with advancements to its
Level, traits, skills, proficiency, equipment, vehicles, and any buffs, nerfs, or notable information from their adventure to date.

These upgraded versions will come with a new border representing each evolution.

Evolution Tokenomics

Each character has 5 stages of Evolution, beginning at level 1.

  • Minting Character NFT – 1 token
  • Evolving from LVL 1-2 – 1 token
  • Evolving from LVL 2-3 – 2 tokens
  • Evolving from LVL 3-4 – 4 tokens
  • Evolving from LVL 4-5 – 8 tokens

Story Design

Set in a universe not much different from our own, projected millions of light-years on the other side of what would be our known location. Culture has settled in a Cyberpunk/Arcane hybrid setting.

A Universe where technology, magic, and information reign supreme. Daeos has a plot, a major conflict, an antagonist, a climax, and an ending already.
None of which will be divulged now for the sake of keeping the project exciting and engaging, with new reveals and drops happening weekly.

We Simply provide the makings and directions for the plot and let the community fill the rest in with their imagination.

Total Supply

NFT Characters

Daeos is unique in not knowing the final count on the total supply until the story completes itself. We are allowing room for the natural creative flow to include an array of unforeseen characters, spin-offs, and sidekicks.

Our intent is to drop between 5 – 10 characters a week, never restricting ourselves to adding more or less; as situational or dependent on the need of the storyline.

Daeos Tokens

Each character can represent up to a total of 16 tokens required to achieve top evolution. The total supply of tokens is 16 x # of Characters.