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Community Builders and Moderators:

A large focus of the Daeos Project will be placed on its community, and we are looking for Web3 informed and entusiastic Community Builders/Moderators who have experience working in the Discord space.

If you have interest in joining in on building and managing one of the best communities in the Web3 Space, we definitely want you to reach out to us!  Please fill out this form 

Daeos Starseed is an organic, homebrewed project by a small collective of visionaries.

We are looking for the best and brightest to help bring the Daeos Universe into existance!

Below is a list of what we are currently looking for with an application form

Please review and if you feel you meet the qualifications, or better yet; you can bring something novel and special to the project,

Have a Novel Idea or a Skillset that will help Daeos soar?

Please lay it on us here