Follow Instructions Carefully

Step 1

 Purchase your Starseeds

  • Add the packages you would like to purchase to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • We will only need your email address
  • Checkout anonymously through the NowPayments Payment Portal using your Bitcoin Wallet 

Once payment is received

  • we will fulfill your order with link/s to your Starseed/s via email to the address you provided during the purchase. 
  • Please allow up to 24 hours after payment has been received to have the order fulfilled.

If you receive an email that your order was completed and don’t see the links, check your spam box
While you wait, it is suggested that you begin working on Step 2

Step 2

Setup your Bitcoin Ordinals Wallet:

If you already have an Ordinals Wallet, Skip to Step 3

XVerse Wallet App:
Is commonly used and equipped for everything you need for Ordinals.
If you choose to use a different Ordinal Wallet for your Daeos Starseeds, no problem!

Just make sure:

  • Your Wallet is Ordinal Compatible.  

  • To use an ordinal wallet address and not a bitcoin wallet address when sending and receiving Ordinals
    Ordinal addresses typically begin with a “bc”

  • DYOR

Step 3

Download your Starseeds

 You will receive an email notifying you of the completion of your order
Followed by an additional email containing your links.
check your spam if you are not seeing the email

  • Open your Starseed Delivery email
  • visit each link
  • save each Starseed image to your phone or computer.  

DO NOT share your Order # with anyone 
It is a required piece of verifying information used to register your inscriptions to the collection.  

Step 4

Inscribe your Starseed Ordinals:
is a trusted and commonly used platform providing the inscription service of Bitcoin Ordinals.
There are many sources to inscribe your Ordinals, and new resources coming out all the time!

High Resolution is nice, but not required.

You can optionally click “High resolution (usually results in higher fees)”
before you upload to prevent Gamma from Compressing the image.

In the case that you decide to inscribe in High Resolution,
Let us know on the registration form!  
We will add a tag to the metadata when we submit.

The sole responsibility and costs associated with Ordinals inscription, rests upon the consumer of this product.
Daeos Starseed has no direct affiliation with any inscription services you choose.

Step 5

Register your Starseed Ordinals:

Lastly, you will need to submit your Daeos Starseed Ordinal Registration Form.

For Batch Submissions:   visit here

Have the following information ready and available

  • Starseed Image #:  (The Image # of your downloaded Starseed)
  • Order #(The Order # you received when you purchased your Starseed/s through our website)
  • Inscription ID: The unique string found on your inscribed Ordinal labeled simply as “ID”)

Each item is required to complete Starseed registration.

By providing complete and accurate information
you can ensure that you:

  • Have protected and added value to your Investment
  • Have registered into the official Daeos Starseed Collection
  • Can list on secondary markets

  • Are included in the Starseed Index