A fresh and unique approach to an art-based NFT project.
Created as a collaborative effort;
between an organic artist and an AI.

A collection of 10k collectibles, created with care and precision.

An engine fueled with the abstractive imagination of a lifetime gaming enthusiast.
Powered by modern technology,
and coupled with the patient hand of a creator.
Renders a recipe for cutting-edge art and concept.


We use traits found in the Daeos Universe Collection to generate a visual representation of the common (and some quite rare) beings found scattered among the stars.

Here, we Reveal our core model, from a beautiful and comprehensive viewpoint.
Reflecting the settings and the inhabitants of the Daeos Universe.


Total Supply: 10000
Layer Categories: 7
Variants per category: 100+
Rarity Scale: Weighted
Unique and Legendary Traits: Many
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.03 – 0.05 ETH


The collection includes a multitude of easter eggs and Legendary 1/1 traits. Often attached to bonus content or rewards.


  • Free Mints of exclusive Daeos Universe Character NFTs,
    obtainable only through Daeos Generative
  • Free Daeos Utility Tokens
  • Future Content from expansion sets
  • 1/1 Art NFTs