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Explorer Pack Giveaway

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1 Code Per Order

Explorer Giveaway
  • Each code is good once for 1 Daeos Starseed
  • Use your code in the coupon section at checkout
  • 1 pack/code per checkout (balance must = 0.00)
  • Explorer Pack obtainable only by code Pre-Publc Mint

Inscribe Your Starseed

Inscribe your Starseed Ordinals:
is a trusted and commonly used platform providing the inscription service of Bitcoin Ordinals.
There are many sources to inscribe your Ordinals, and new resources coming out all the time!

High Resolution is nice, but not required.

You can optionally click “High resolution (usually results in higher fees)”
before you upload to prevent Gamma from Compressing the image.

In the case that you decide to inscribe in High Resolution,
Let us know on the registration form!  
We will add a tag to the metadata when we submit.

The sole responsibility and costs associated with Ordinals inscription, rests upon the consumer of this product.
Daeos Starseed has no direct affiliation with any inscription services you choose.

Register your Starseed

Single Starseed Registration

Bulk Starseed Registration

Have the following information ready and available

  • Starseed Image #:  (The Image # of your downloaded Starseed)
  • Order #(The Order # you received when you purchased your Starseed/s through our website)
  • Inscription ID: The unique string found on your inscribed Ordinal labeled simply as “ID”)

Each item is required to complete Starseed registration.

By providing complete and accurate information
you can ensure that you:

    • Have protected and added value to your Investment
    • Have registered into the official Daeos Starseed Collection
    • Can list on secondary markets

    • Are included in the Starseed Index